Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day 13: Seafood Fest

Today started out with a letdown. I don't know if I told you yesterday but some bad storms came through CT yesterday and threatened with twisters. I don't think those are very common here so the news was full of warnings. Because of that, my first stop at the Hill-Stead Museum was interrupted. The town of Farmington, where the museum is, still had no power from the previous night so I went about 20 total miles and an hour out of my way. But the main objective for today was to have a seafood fest based on the 3rd tip of 1000 Things To Do. There were three different seafood restaurants I tried. Each very casual and two had quiiiiiite the view as you'll see. First, was the Blue Oar. I couldn't find anything on this place online. The book said the popularity was spread through word of mouth. I can't see why, though, the view is wonderful!
Isn't it?
After you order your food you sit on a colorful picnic bench. It's BYOB so a lot of people came with a cooler. I envisioned Terry and Barbara, Aunt B, Mom, Dad and I enjoying a place like this on Cedar Creek. Anyone wanna go into business? :) Here I had a lobster roll (sandwich).
Then I found a museum that I missed yesterday. This was the Florence Griswold Museum. She was left this beautiful house and, never marrying or having children, decided to take in boarders. Those boarders would be very famous American artists. The galleries and house housed many landscape pictures (most done in pastels--adult crayons hehe).
Then I was off to Seafood Fest #2, otherwise known as Abbott's Lobster on the Rough. Beauuutiful place in Noank, CT about 10-20 miles from Rhode Island. Again, you order at the stand and then pick a picnic table. I had a 5-shrimp cocktail and some cheesecake.
Isn't the view AMAZING!?! It was definitely my favorite place so far in CT!
To give you an idea of the seating... I SHOULD have sat under the tent...but I sat right next to the water.
See, the temperature was like 75 degrees. Don't shoot me TX! So I drove to all these places with the top down on the convertible. Problem? My shoulders are a bright red right now. One coat of aloe vera is doing well, though. Anyways, in between eateries I stopped off to do some not-so-shopping. I almost fell victim to Dooney and Bourke and then Coach but I came out alive and with money still in the bank, thank goodness.
Then I drove down the coast to Lenny and Joe's Fish Tale. I was seafooded out and got some shrimp and crab to go. The crab was like whole and then fried. I couldn't eat it. So I'll munch on the shrimp tonight for dinner.
However, this place was CRAZY. Look at all those people ordering. Not only do you have to find a line, yell your order, and then find a place to sit. They call your number and you have to hurdle back through that crowd to fight for your order they sit on a counter. Like I said, I didn't stay, I was pretty tired.
Now, after such a beautiful I was driving back to the started RAINING, POURING, and yes...that's what you think it is. was HAILING on June 27. Can you believe it?!? I was pretty stunned...but with some help got through the storm and am resting nicely at the hotel for the night.
Tomorrow is the exciting Hunt Brunch at the Griswold Inn and then Essex, CT. I'm hoping to ride on my first train!!

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