Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day 11: Chester and East Haddam, CT

Boy, do I have some good pictures for you! I started my day in Chester, CT. Actually, before that I finally made it to breakfast haha "One small step for man..."
In Chester, I did some itsy bitsy shopping. I only spent $ that's pretty itsy bitsy.
I thought you might like to see what the houses looked like here. It was like a requirement to look perfect...and have an American flag flying!
Then I went to the Gillette Castle State Park. Check out the scenery.... :D Ohhhhh yea, heaven!
The Gillette Castle belonged to William Gillette who I guess playing Sherlock Holmes.....or maybe he wrote it? He was a writer, actor, etc, etc. His house was CRAZY!
This was the living area....
And then I was in awe of his bedroom. Hello, I could not even live in such a small area. I mean, I can hardly contain my stuff in an apartment AND the wing of a house :D
And the scenery from his house......amazing!
His house.....he designed it himself.....crazy...
It almost reminds me of Edward Scissorhands in the obscurity of it all. Such a weird structure in such a beautiful landscape...
Then I visited East Haddam. There's not really much there...(except for the Opera House below.)
This is back in Chester where I ate dinner at Restaurant du Village (vee laj). It was french. I was really scared because the menu had lamb and duck and I don't eat that stuff. When I sat down I was served an hor d'oeurve (had to look it up to spell in right) and it liver pate on a cracker. (Give me a second to stop gagging...ok better) I ate it.....Then had a glass of wine. Luckily they were serving salmon so I actually was able to eat a good meal. Then I had some chocolate cake, yummy, and $65 later I walked out haha.
Then.......I went to see 42nd Street at the Goodspeed Opera House back in East Haddam. Such an interesting place!
Another shot of the bridge that you cross over the Connectict River to get to the Opera House on the right. The show was fabulous! Tomorrow is a day of Art Museums along the Connectict Art Trail. Let's hope the weather stays ok....I had such great luck today!

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