Saturday, June 20, 2009

North Carolina's Finest

Well, today was a very inexpensive day, which is always good while on vacation! Here are pictures from Matt's house. Hey, that's where I'm supposed to sleep! Not you, Boomer!
The new adoption, Jolee.
Oh, Odessa, I hope that Lucas doesn't learn how to share from you! :x
So, one of the first things we did today was color!! (Did you know it is sooo uncool to smile in pictures these days??)
Showing a picture Lucas made!
And Reuben...he chills...
OMG, he smiled for a picture! (The only one of the day!)
Mom, this is for you. Happy Belated Easter! :)
And after a few time outs....we colored some more...
And Reuben....he chilled...
THEN we got out the new pool!!!!
Matt grilled out some chicken, and soon the day was over.
And, then.....I got one more smile for the camera!!!!
From the flying baby!!!!!!!!!
So, other than the dogs fighting not a whole heck of a lot is going down in Jacksonville, NC this Saturday night. Except for my laundry..... :) I'm gonna stay in Jacksonville tomorrow and then take off for Connecticut on Monday!!!! I haven't decided where I'm going to stop over but I may just drive til I get tired. Can't wait!!

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