Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 3: Louisiana-Alabama

Today started slow because I just couldn't get out of bed...after breakfast :) However, I got a few sites checked off my list and made it past Louisiana, Mississippi, and now I'm in Alabama. Everything is running smoothly and I can NOT wait to see Lucas and Reuban on Friday. Matt has called me a few times this week and I hear them in the background. I'm going to try to get to Jacksonville early Friday afternoon so I can make it to Lucas' water day. So, without further's my adventures of the day. This was the front of Annadele's Plantation that I stayed the last few nights. (Since the blog is public I didn't want to put it on here while I was still there. Safety first!)

This was the restaurant at Annadele's. I ate my fancy meal here last night and 2 big breakfasts.

I FINALLY found the Covington Trailhead and it just so turns out Wednesdays are Farmers Markets. There was only one table of veggies and the rest were prepared food that I didn't buy. I was hoping to find some fruit but couldn't. I think the one on Saturdays is much bigger.

Before leaving the LA area I went to the Pontchartrain Vineyards. I did the wine tasting and was completely humiliated haha. The guy had to teach me how to smell it, swish it in my mouth and (gag me) spit it out. You know how I throw up rather easily?!? Spitting out wine into a community vase is absolutely DISGUSTING!! But I did it, without upchucking, thank you God!

Then I left the vineyard for Abita Springs for the brewery tour. However, my GPS couldn't find it and it wasn't around the historic district so... I went ahead and saw the imfamous Abita Museum, otherwise known as the UCM (You See 'Em) Museum. Craziness!! For $3 it was like a cheap haunted house with crap on every nook and crany of three different shacks. Here is my fav...


Then I went to Madisonville, off the Tchefuncte River. I want to retire here, for real. Look at the sizes of those houses and boats. Beautiful...

Madisonville is best known (according to The Book) for this restaurant, Coffee's Boilin Pot. I had some good seafood. Yummmm
Then off to Mississippi!!
And 45 minutes later...Alabama!!!! Which is where I stay. Tomorrow I'm off to the Bellingrath Gardens and Georgia!

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