Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 15: (Yesterday) Essex Steam Train

So, first off, sorry about not posting last night. I'm sure it broke your heart and you were probably biting your finger nails and now they're all bare. :( Eh, I was working on my real travel site. You'll see in the pictures that there wasn't really a work area so it was really uncomfortable to have the laptop out. So, YESTERDAY, I rode on the Essex Steam Train and Riverboat. It was quite the experience. How slow our previous citizens travelled! The Steam Train ran up about 10 miles and then back. In between there was an hour and a half trip on a riverboat. This was the engine. I LOOOOOVED the sound of the ..... "toot toot." I don't know what that's called ... :D
I rode in a pullman car. The seats were so squeaky. And you swish from side to side.
Here's what my view was on the inside...
and outside the window...... :D
This would be the riverboat...
Great views of the Connecticut River. I'd had quite a few of these lately.
Then I stayed at a well-known CT Inn named the Copper Beech Inn. It was quite nice. My reward for hassling with them was staying in a suite for the price of the regular rooms. However, my credit card still shows that I paid for a suite. (I'm totally getting screwed on these deals but I'm harrassing them until my credit card bill shows otherwise.)
The bedroom area...
The seperate seating/tv room...I ended up eating dinner here in their nice french restaurant. It wasn't that good....

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