Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 14: Essex, CT

Today is the two week mark. Wow, I've been gone for two whole weeks. I must be outta money. Good thing payday is on its way! Well, today I was in Essex, CT. It's right off the Connecticut River so more beautiful scenery. In fact, I just spent some time by the dock reading and talking to Mom. Very peaceful here. No fast food. No traffic lights. It's like a whole other world. I started my trip to Essex at The Griswold Inn, opened since 1776. They have a famous Sunday Hunt Brunch which I ate at. The waffle station was my favorite :) I'm also staying here tonight.
Then I walked down to the Connecticut River Museum. As you can almost tell it's right on the water.
Apart of the museum was the Mary E, a schooner boat. I chose to get the more expensive ticket so I could ride on my first sail boat. I was really excited because it said it went all over the river and it said it was an hour and a half. Well, we didn't use the motor other than to get up to the dock and out....and the wind wasn't really we kind of went out into the river and came back. I could see the museum at all times. So, note to self, sail around the world in a MOTORIZED boat.
However, the views were great and the weather was a perfect 75-80 degrees.
Then I walked up and down Main St looking at the not-so-many shops. Most of them were real-estate companies haha.
But I did find.....ESSEX BOOKS :)
Then I walked back towards the museum and water and got some coffee here. I took my book and walked to the water and just sat and read and relaxed, remembering what vacation was reallllly about!
And here's where I stay tonight. You can actually see my room with the lights on in the top left-hand corner. There's a band playing in the bar down below so I'm just sitting in bed, listening to music and blogging. Not bad for a Sunday night. Tomorrow I'm going on my first Steam Train and River Boat. And I told Mom today I'll probably head back to Texas around July 2-3. I've been making reservations and they're annoying to set up at these little inns. I'm starting to get that spark back, too, to get some school stuff done this summer.

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