Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 10: I Made It!!!

Today was the most boring day so far. I knew driving would be bad .... and it was. In fact, there weren't even any places up here to pull over and get gas, get something to drink, etc. There were just "Service Areas" where men pump gas for you (it's illegal to pump your own gas in New Jersey). THEN there was the $30+ in TOLL that I had to pay to drive on I-95. WTF, it's an interstate. How would people feel if we charged to drive on 35 or 45?!?
But....I made it! I'm in Connecticut tonight and ready to start the real adventure. Let's just hope I have the weather to do it in. It's actually kind of chilly up here and rainy...go figure haha Today I started by visiting the George Washing Masonic Lodge Memorial. This was the place...
This is view from the memorial :)
This is the statue inside... (HUGE!)
There were murals on the's huge.
View while waiting on the GPS to find a way to Connecticut.
I got bored quickly and started taking pictures....this was Baltimore. This road only cost me $2.
Delaware cost me $5 toll and I was outraged. I called Mom and we were laughing but boy...did I not know what was to come.
(Ahhh crap I deleted the picture again). In New Jersey I ended up paying $8 to enter on 95 and then $10(!!!) to drive on the Turnpike.
And after passing NYC (in the very background) I started to get excited. Until...I had to pay $8 to cross the George Washington Bridge and in rush hour traffic. So an hour and a half of going 10 miles I was a biiiiiit peeved.
This is what the traffic looked like. It really was terrifying!
But, alas, I crossed into Connecticut. I'm staying in the middle of the state so I have access to almost all the areas within 30-45 minutes. Tomorrow I'll start my journey (weather permitting) in Chester and East Haddam. Stay tuned for the good stuff!!

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