Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 4: Bellingrath Gardens

Boy, is it hot! Usually we gradually build to the 100 temp. days in late July and August but never expected them in June. It definitely made a difference today as I was touring a public garden. Thankfully, I had plenty of sunscreen, hat, glasses, and even did the granny umbrella. But without that I don't know if I would have made it 4 hours in the sun from 11:30-3:30 (the hottest part of the day).

Bellingrath was a wealthy man who made his money by buying into a Coco-Cola franchise. The gardens he created were given over to the public after his death, as he had no children. You can tour the grounds, the house, and then take a river cruise. I did all three ... :)

This is all I did today. Then drove 6 hours through Alabama and am outside of Atlanta. I'm sad to say I don't think I'll make it for Lucas' water day but spending the weekend with the boys will be fun no matter what.'s Bellingrath Gardens....
The rose garden was amazing....over 60 kinds...and every color.

I call this picture...."A momma and her babies"

More of the rose garden and the green house in the back housed exotic plants...

Kind of got into taking pictures of the flowers as you can tell. And all this with an umbrella in my hand haha

I dedicate this to Dad. This was called the Grand Lawn and he's always watering his GORGEOUS lawn. Dad, any day now I expect to pull up to the house and find the Yard of the Month sign!

Beautiful pond...

The house (it was hard to get a picture cuz it's really covered)

While taking the river cruise we got to see many nests of Ospreys! They were so cute. Isn't that what Matt works on??

A Brown Pelican
The lake in the middle of the garden


Ok, so I was talking to Mom on the phone and telling her about this place and wanted her to see the picture. This is the restaurant they mention in The Book but it looked kind of sketchy. I couldn't tell if it was open or not but it was soooooo isolated. It goes on the list of things to do NOT alone.

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