Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 9: Alexandria, Virginia

So, today I explored Alexandria and did the museums/sites that The Book talks about.

Right when you get to the main street, King St, from my hotel you see this movie. There are two movies playing and only at two times at night. I thought that was interesting.
This is the Christ Church (Episcopal I think) that George Washington and Robert E. Lee attended regularly. This church is also attended once by every President of the US except for three. George W Bush was just here last December. It's a fully functional church today.
The pew with the door open is the one Robert E. Lee attended as a boy with his family.
This is the pew that George and Martha sat at regulary. It also was the place where Roosevelt, Eleanor and Winston Churchill sat the Sunday after Pearl Harbor was bombed. That Sunday was declared peace day for the world. Yes, peace day...right before we took out a few Japanese islands :D
This is City Hall/Market Square. Washington and many other farmers would sell their goods at this center here. Now a fountain and benches area.
This is a bank and blah, blah, blah but I just think the building is beautiful.
I also toured the Gadsby Tavern that I ate at. They had recreations of what the tavern would have looked like, some "hotel" rooms they had, and this would be the dance room where George celebrated one of his birthdays. It was also the ballroom where Jefferson (3rd President) had his election inauguration ball.
While I was waiting for the tours I came across the Carlyle House. He was a wealthy Englishman who was an example of how loyal Englishmen became Americans.
Then I went to the Apothecary Museum. It was one of the more famous in the time of Washington. There's a note from Martha Washington inside asking for castor oil.
Those are the actual bottles that the Smithsonian bought from the place and then Virginia bought back as they promised to use them for museum purposes only.
Then I walked down to the water front. I rested my weary feet. Lots of airplanes landing!!
Then I went to the Torpedo Art Center. It was so weird but definitely cool.
During WWII it was an actual torpedo factory and there are two actual torpedos inside the building. They're huge!! But, yeah, if you're gonna destroy a boat I guess you gotta have some umpgh in ya. I had another picture here of the inside but I accidentally deleted it haha. And I can't put it back in because the stupid site will only add it to the top. So, I'll just tell you :) It was three floors of little offices. The offices were like little art stores but then a studio as well. So you walk around looking at all this different art for sale and then can watch the artist painting, making jewelry, sculpting there too. Crazy.
Tomorrow, I'm going to start EARLY and go see the George Washington Masonic Memorial and then take off for Connecticut. I am trying to tell myself I can make it to Connecticut but I have to go through the D.C. area, then Baltimore, Philelphia, New York City, and New Jersey so I'm really nervous. I hope I don't run into traffic too much and I hope there are little stops in between to fill up gas, restrooms, etc.
I've been hearing many people are reading so thank you! Let's hope UT can have victory in the world series!!

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